Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Forgive me Matt Pinfield, for I have sinned

I must make a confession.

I like Nickelback.

I've liked them ever since 2000, though, so that kinda helps, right? Sigh. Here goes...

I loved "Leader of Men" when it came out. Hell, I loved the entire album. It seemed pretty genuine - a lot of their songs came out of the anguish from growing up in a small town, which I could relate to. They also rocked out pretty hard, so even with their serious lyrics I could have fun with it, a la Semi-Charmed Life. They were a straight-on rock band, nothing more and nothing less.

I have to admit, when "This is How You Remind Me" came out, I didn't like it all that much. Somehow that became their smash hit, and I resented all the people who suddenly liked Nickelback without knowing the words to "Cowboy Hat." Like many bands I've liked, I get very possessive when newbies flock to them.

They've experienced even more success since then, and I had fallen off the bandwagon as their sound became more and more produced. I turned my nose up to them for a few years (secretly) until I heard "Photograph," and not because it was any sort of musical wonder. It just happened to hit me at a time when I was feeling very nostalgic, so those bastards roped me back in. I didn't listen to the rest of the album, but I was willing to admit I liked them again.

The most recent album, "All the Right Reasons," is undoubtedly their solid march into selling out, but I just can't help myself. Their latest hit, "If Everyone Cared," is the third grader's version of "Imagine," but damn if it's not more than a little catchy. "Rockstar" is actually caustic, so good for them for coming back with something that at least tries to matter. There's another song on "All the Right Reasons," "Savin' Me," that sounds like it should be on a crappy movie soundtrack, but that's why they're called guilty pleasures, right?

I still love Chad's voice (or maybe the machines it's gone through), so whatever drivel they come up with next will still draw my attention. Now tell me what I can do for penance.

Made for radio
Canned sound and awful lyrics
Why do I like it?


Ben said...

Required reading:

Dan said...

Nickelback is one of those bands that would be a lot more digestible if it weren't on the radio ad nauseam. (See how I deftly combine both your posts?) I say Photograph was the most overplayed song of 2006.

For the record, the others with that mantle are:
2004: The Reason
2005: My Humps
2007 so far: Hard to Save a Life

dyoung said...

Dan the Younger,

How can you not throw some 50 cent on there for overplayed songs? In Da Club has to be there, somewhere...

E said...

Jason, I may have lost all respect for you. :(