Wednesday, January 14, 2009

At least they'd beat the February 29 team has a great new feature where you can find out who was born on your birthday (h/t: Baseball Prospectus). I guess Spring Break for the baseball gods fell on my birthday, but here's the all-March 10 lineup anyway.

C: Ben Davis
1B: Lew Whistler
2B: Gene DeMontreville
SS: Donnie Murphy
3B: Charles Fisher
LF: John Cangelosi
CF: Tike Redman
RF: Johnny Briggs
SP: Wayne Twitchell
RP: Steve Howe
CL: Mike Timlin

Quick notes:
- I ran track with Tike Redman when I was in middle school. That means I'm less than six degrees of separation from almost all of MLB!
- Charles Fisher didn't even play in what we would traditionally consider Major League Baseball. He played for the Union Association in 1884; I just couldn't find any other 3B.

I think this team would go 68-94; it's just good enough not to be horrific. For the record, that's one Rookie of the Year (Howe), two All-Star seasons (Twitchell and Howe, one each) and zero Hall of Famers.

On the flip side, we have the sad story of Joe Campbell. He got to play one game in his major league career: he started in RF for the Cubs against the Braves on May 3, 1967. He shared the field with luminaries like Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks and Ron Santo. The 23 year old from Louisville had his shot...and struck out in all three at-bats. He didn't even get to catch a fly in the outfield. Joe Torre managed to run from first to third on a single hit Campbell's way, though, and I think that was the nail in Campbell's major league coffin. Torre was, how do you say, slower than Christmas. Allowing him to run from first to third, even on a hit-and-run, seems like the kind of play that would make a manager choke on his dip.

I could spend more time writing about the players who didn't make the team than who did; I love old-time baseball stories. In fact, one of the players who didn't make the list was born in Sedalia, MO, where my aunt currently lives. I think I'll go see if he's still in the area.

Not the best lineup
But they still share a birthday
With THE Chuck Norris


Kara said...

Whoo! I share a birthday with "I don't want a snack, I want" Emil Brown!

dyoung said...

I have a feeling that my team would beat your, but only because I've got Tom Terrific as my starting pitcher.

blythe said...

May 29th is a real crap day for baseball birthdays. That might explain my lack of mad skillz. ... Still, I have JFK and Bob Hope. Nailed ya.